DAVE ALEXANDER & THE LEGENDS OF WESTERN SWING - Big western swing band with former Texas Playboys.
ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - Premier contemporary western swing band.
BAR X BUNKHOUSE BOYS - Western swing, honky tonk, & cowboy band from Northern California.
THE BARN DOOR SLAMMERS - North western swing from Portland, Oregon.
BEATS WALKIN’ - Philadelphia's premier Texas swing band.
THE BEBOP COWBOYS - Purveyors of fine western swing in Toronto, Canada.
BIG SANDY & HIS FLY-RITE BOYS - Western bop from Southern California.
BORDERTOWN BOOTLEGGERS - All star western swing band from Austin, Texas.
BRAZOS VALLEY BOYS - Hank Thompson’s great western swing band.
RED BROWN & THE TUNE STRANGLERS - Old school western swing from Olympia, Washington.
CAPTAIN JEFFREY’S MUSICAL CHUMBUCKETS - Western swing, jazz, & rockabilly from the San Fernando Valley, California.
CRAIG CHAMBERS - Cowboy singer/somgwriter and Time-Warp Top Hand.
THE CHAPPED CHEEKS - Southern California based western swing band.
RAY CONDO & HIS RICOCHETS - Western bop from Canadians with the know how.
COW BOP - Hot jazz and western swing quartet from Monterey, California area.
CAROLINA COTTON - Official site of the Yodeling Blonde Bombshell.
THE CURIO COWBOYS - Albuquerque, New Mexico’s own western swing band.
THE DOUBLE CUTS - Western swing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
AL DRESSEN'S SUPER SWING REVUE - All star western swing band from Austin, Texas area.
BUDDY EMMONS - Steel guitar legend.
JOHN ENGLAND & THE WESTERN SWINGERS - Nashville based western swing band.
FERAL SWING KATZ - Australian western swing.
FRENCH BROAD PLAYBOYS - Wide open western swing from Asheville, North Carolina area.
JOHNNY GIMBLE - fiddler (’nuff said).
GOLDEN HILL RAMBLERS - Band featuring early western swing repertoire from San Diego, California.
THE GREAT RECESSION ORCHESTRA - Fort Worth, Texas based band doing homage to Milton Brown.
HANNES & HIS BALLROOM KINGS - Berlin, Germany based western swing band.
ADOLPH HOFNER - Legendary western swing bandleader.
HONKY TONK CONFIDENTIAL - Great western swing for Washington, DC.
HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN - Django-meets-Bob Wills trio based now in Austin, Texas.
HOT TEXAS SWING BAND - Based in Austin, Texas.
THE JANGLES - “Hick Jazz” from Seattle, Washington based Western Swing band.
LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS - Official site of longest running western swing band.
LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS - A fan site for Light Crust Doughboys.
LONESTAR RETROBATES - Marin County, California based western swing band.
LOST WEEKEND - Northern California based all star band.
THE LUCKY STARS - Vintage honky tonk and Western swing from Hollywood.
BILLY MATA & THE TEXAS TRADITION - Top flight western swing singer and band from Texas.
JODY NIX & THE TEXAS COWBOYS - Hoyle’s son carries on the tradition.
THE OKLAHOMA TWISTERS - Wash., DC's Premier Western Swing Dance Band!
OPEN RANGE & THE SWING STAMPEDE - Western swing is alive and well in the mountains of Montana
HAL PETERS & HIS STRING DUSTERS - Western swing and vintage honky tonk from Finland.
ROOSTER QUANTRELL - “The New King of Western Swing.”
LEON RAUSCH - Premier western swing vocal stylist.
HERB REMINGTON - Steel guitar great.
RICK AND THE ALL-STAR RAMBLERS - Based out of western Vermont.
THE RIDGETOP SYNCOPATORS - Austin, Texas based classic western swing band.
THE RIVER ROAD BOYS - Band of western swing legends based in Houston, Texas
THE SADDLE CATS - San Francisco, California based pocket western swing band.
SWING WEST BAND - San Diego, California trio playing western swing and vintage country.
TED SCANLON AND THE DESPERADOS - “New Mexico’s Premiere Western Swing Band.”
SHOOT LOW SHERIFF - Authentic western swing band from Dallas, Texas.
BOB SKYLES & HIS SKYROCKETS - 30s western swing/novelty band.
THE SPURS - New England’s finest purveyors of western swing, honky tonk, & hillbilly boogie.
THE STARDUST COWBOYS - Cowboy and western swing band from Northern California.
DAVE STOGNER - Great western swing fiddler and bandleader.
THE SWING COMMANDERS - Lancashire, England based western swing band.
THE TEXAS TOP HANDS - One of Texas's most enduring bands.
THE TEXAS TRAILHANDS - From Fort Worth, Texas.
TOMMY THOMSEN - Based in Northern California.
THE TIME JUMPERS - A western swing band comprised of Nashville studio musicians and vocalists.
WESTERN CARAVAN - New York’s premier western swing & honky tonk orchestra.
THE WESTERN FLYERS - Texas western swing trio.
THE WESTERN SWING AUTHORITY - Canada’s western swing “super-band.”
WILD RIVER BAND - Classic western swing band based in Houston, Texas.
BOB WILLS - Great new site honoring Bob Wills with a few cool videos.
JOHN T. WILLS & THE SONS OF SWING - Carrying on tradition of his dad Johnnie Lee Wills.


WESTERN SWING MONTHLY - Keep up with current events and releases.
WR RECORDS - Home label of Tom Morrell & The Time-Warp Tophands.


WESTERN SWING CALENDAR - Annual calendar of western swing events.
A RIDE WITH BOB - Musical drama about the life and music of Bob Wills.


WESTERN SWING SOCIETY - Sacramento, California area based group. The oldest active WS organization.
NORTHWEST WESTERN SWING MUSIC SOCIETY - Seattle, Washington area based group.
WESTERN SWING MUSIC SOCIETY OF THE SOUTHWEST - Serving Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kamsas, & Arkansas.


THE OLD CORRAL - Great site on B-westerns. Includes pages on many singers, musicians, and groups.
ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME - Great content, huge site, worth exploring.
SWINGIN’ WEST - Western swing radio programmer and reviewer Mike Gross.
THE TIFFANY TRANSCRIPTIONS - Great site dedicated to The Tiffany Transcriptions
WESTERN SWING - Nice introduction to western swing.

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